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“That is one angry map”

I started the new year with a piece of art to begin a conversation. The piece: State Names; 2000; Jaune Quick-To-See Smith; Born: St. Ignatius, Montana; 1940; oil, collage and mixed media on canvas; 48 x 72 in. (121.9 x

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Layers and Fusion Tables: the future of historical research?

Chris Bunin boldly led us into the world of GIS yesterday, and he has provided a number of documents to help you make the technology a part of your teaching. Overview: This document includes links and basic details regarding ArcGIS

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Kansas and the Civil War:Unit Plan

Standard: Kansas History Benchmark 3: The student understands individuals, groups, ideas, events, and developments of the territorial period and the Civil War in Kansas. This student will: 1. explain the concept of popular sovereignty under the Kansas-Nebraska Act. 2. explain

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Valley of the Shadow

The archives on this sight are unbelievable. My favorite part is the animated battlefield. I was amazed at the number of battles some of these units were involved with like the First Virginia Cavalry they must have been in 20

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Teacher’s Tour of Gettysburg

Take a teacher’s tour of Gettysburg as Matt guides you through the battle’s turning points, illustrating some of its most significant personalities and acts of heroism while sketching the bigger picture of the Gettysburg Campaign.

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Abraham Lincoln in Kansas

In 1859 Abraham Lincoln visited Kansas from November 30th through December 5th . He had been invited by a distant relative Mrs. Mark W.Delahay. Her husband Mark Delahay had a personal friendship with Abraham Lincoln originating with their mutual cause in establishing the

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Test Driving Google Maps with John Brown Locations

Have been playing with Google Maps. If I can work out all of my kinks with it, it looks like a cool tool to use with students. Struggling with integrating my personal pictures rather than off the internet. Struggling as

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Visualizing Emancipation

We’re so glad that Rob Nelson and Scott Nesbit could join us today to offer an introduction to Visualizing Emancipation.  Make sure to explore the site — and start imagining how you could use it with your students.  The worksheet

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Mid-19 Century United States in Global Perspective?

The bidirectional nature of the UGRR The Northern states rights battles and nullification attempt Harriet Scott as the primary force driving the Dred Scott Case onward Publicizing the UGRR for fundraising purposes Are all ideas that are running around inside

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textbooks and URR routes

The American Journey is a ubiquitous middle school text, and I have used it in Michigan and Washington. This screenshot is from page 423 of the 2005 edition: As mentioned in today’s wrap-up, students typically perceive the URR as having been

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