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Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Papers  (Library of Congress)
Building the Digital Lincoln (Journal of American History / House Divided Project)
Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln Association / U Michigan)
Lincoln-Douglas Debates Digital Classroom (House Divided Project)
Lincoln Log:  Daily Chronology (Abraham Lincoln Association)
Lincoln: Extraordinary Life (Smithsonian exhibition)
With Malice Toward None (Library of Congress exhibition)

Dred Scott Case
Dred Scott Case (Major Topics / House Divided Research Engine, Dickinson College)
Dred Scott Decision and Its Bitter Legacy (Exhibitions / Gilder Lehrman Institute)
Dred Scott Sesquicentennial (National Park Service)
Dred Scott’s Family (PowerPoint file)
Freeing Dred Scott (Essay by Adam Arenson / Common-Place)
Missouri’s Dred Scott Case (Missouri State Archives)
Revised Dred Scott Case Collection (Washington University)
Scott v. Sandford (1857) 60 U.S. 393 (Legal Information Institute / Cornell University)
St. Louis Circuit Court Historical Records (Freedom Suits / Washington University)
US Constitution Seminar / Dred Scott Case (Matthew Pinsker, Dickinson College)


Underground Railroad
Philadelphia Vigilance Committee records // Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Boston Vigilance Committee records //,
History Now essay:  “UGRR and Coming of Civil War” // Matthew Pinsker
Lesson Plans (including interactive runaway ads) // House Divided Project
Virtual Tours (including Henry Brown’s journey in Google Earth // House Divided Project
Henry “Box”Brown’s first narrative (with Charles Stearns) // Documenting the American South
Henry “Box” Brown’s second narrative (1851) // Documenting the American South
William Still’s recollection of Henry Brown // House Divided Project
Exhibit reconstructing Henry Brown’s box journey // House Divided Project


Civil War Soldiers:  Selected Letters & Diaries Online
Civil War Diaries & Letters Transcription Project // University of Iowa Libraries
Civil War Voices: Soldier Studies // Chris Wehner, history teacher, Fruita Monument H.S.
I Take Up My Pen: Letters from the Civil War // Exhibition from Gilder Lehrman
Letters & Diaries (Franklin Co, PA & Augusta Co, VA) // Valley of the Shadow

Daniel R. Anthony, (7th Kansas Cavalry) // Taylor Bye, Dickinson College
Sullivan Ballou Letter (2d Rhode Island) // PBS –Ken Burns’s “Civil War”
John C. Brock (43d USCT) // Blog Divided
Christie Brothers (Minnesota Light Artillery) // Minnesota Historical Society
Daniel F. Kemp (US Navy) // Betsy Beyer –Marist College
Taylor Brothers (1st Minnesota) // Civil War 150, House Divided Project

Robert C. Caldwell (10th North Carolina Artillery) // East Carolina University
William E. Stoker (18th Texas Infantry) // House Divided Project, Dickinson College

From the Homefront: Correspondents and Diarists
Sidney George Fisher diary (Pennsylvania) // Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Delia Locke diary (California) // University of the Pacific
Horatio Nelson Taft diary (Washington, DC) // Library of Congress

Cornelia Peake McDonald diary (Virginia) // Blog Divided
Kate Stone diary (Mississippi) // Blog Divided