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Cool Tagxedo of Douglass’s “Cast Off the Mill-Stone,” Sept. 1861

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“That is one angry map”

I started the new year with a piece of art to begin a conversation. The piece: State Names; 2000; Jaune Quick-To-See Smith; Born: St. Ignatius, Montana; 1940; oil, collage and mixed media on canvas; 48 x 72 in. (121.9 x

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Kansas and the Civil War:Unit Plan

Standard: Kansas History Benchmark 3: The student understands individuals, groups, ideas, events, and developments of the territorial period and the Civil War in Kansas. This student will: 1. explain the concept of popular sovereignty under the Kansas-Nebraska Act. 2. explain

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Soldier’s Letters

Every time I listen to a lecture, attend a conference, find new material and new ways of thinking about the Civil War I have to rethink how I teach it.  I only have two weeks, maybe three at the most

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fascinated with pro-slavery thought

    I was mucking about with Tagxedo… I am fascinated with pro-slavery thought. My younger self believed the planter class lived in a sad state of denial, not knowing the wrongs they committed. A bit later, I wondered at

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Rodney King and the Civil War

Sorry… this isn’t a deeply introspective connection between the late Mr. King and the CW. I am thinking much more shallowly (there’s one for my Language Arts friends) about the famous video of his beating. Remember how obvious the issue

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John Brown to Abraham Lincoln on Wordle, Take Two

Limiting each speech to 25 words, we get the following: John Brown’s Statement to the Court 1859Abraham Lincoln’s Cooper Union Speech 1860Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation 1863Abraham’s Second Inaugural Address 1865

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1,600 words = 1 image

Ignore me, I’m playing. I have given kids Wordle versions of their research papers before and so wanted to see what Tagzedo could do: The first is a paper by a young lady who suggested that total war was as

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Wordle and Local History

This is my first exploration with Wordle. I uploaded Lincoln’s House Divided Speech, ca. 1857-1858. This tool could be very effective and details Lincoln’s main points of the speech. However, I am having difficulty increasing the size of the text. I was

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Sullivan Ballou Letter

I truly love this haunting letter written by Sullivan Ballou to his wife just one week before he was killed at the First Battle of Bull Run.  So interesting and beautiful to see how it is represented in a word

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House Divided Project

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