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Men of Company E

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the first painting

The first mural in my room, a beautifully painted eagle breaking the chain to England. In its talons are the Declaration and Constitution. This one is 4 years old. I suggested we paint over it, but the kids fell into

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decorating the classroom

I know the point to our group is to work with technology, but I am too happy with this not to share. I have two murals in my classroom. The first one will be in another post. The mural here

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Abraham Galloway; Slave, Bricklayer, Fugitive, Abolitionist, Spy,…

…(aka BMI-ster), Guide, Recruiter, Organizer, Political Activist, Firebrand, Military Leader, Crusader for Women’s Rights, Senator… and dead before the age of 34. Now that is a life! Abraham Galloway, born enslaved, freed himself and was an important figure in the Union

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Linking to Humiston

I am seeing a photo analysis as part of a lesson plan here and asking my students to bring in their photos to compare with this one.

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textbooks and URR routes

The American Journey is a ubiquitous middle school text, and I have used it in Michigan and Washington. This screenshot is from page 423 of the 2005 edition: As mentioned in today’s wrap-up, students typically perceive the URR as having been

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Elementary Understanding

As an elementary teacher in Virginia, the Civil War is primarily taught from the borders of Virginia with very little expanse outside of the state.  This proves to be very difficult for students to get a full grasp of the

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House Divided Project

Course Professor
Matthew Pinsker:
Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA 17013

Course Producer
Lance Warren:
Gilder Lehrman Institute
New York, NY 10036