Pinsker Unveils Student Hall of Fame Projects

Project interns

Student interns from House Divided Project with Prof. Pinsker

(Carlisle, PA) Today, historian Matthew Pinsker is sharing public access to his “Student Hall of Fame,” a compilation of some of the best 150 student papers and projects that he has received in his classes over the last decade.   Pinsker, the Pohanka Chair for Civil War History at Dickinson College and director of the House Divided Project, teaches all eras of US history.  Projects cover topics such as history methods, US diplomatic history, US Constitutional history, oral histories about 20th-century America, and a wide variety of nineteenth-century themes such as slavery resistance, Civil War and Reconstruction.   There are student-made websites, custom-built Google maps, video documentaries and various types of essays and research projects.  Many teachers may want to assign these efforts in their own classes. Pinsker finds that often students are more engaged when learning from other students.  He regularly assigns projects from his Student Hall of Fame in his syllabi as a way to inspire students to work harder on their own efforts.

Student Hall of Fame

The following nearly 200 examples of outstanding student work derive from some of the best submissions over the last decade to Prof. Pinsker’s Dickinson College classes (including undergraduate, online graduate and special summer high school seminars) and also from the hard-working summer interns at the House Divided Project.  

NOTE:  This post has been updated with new entries from Spring and Summer 2022.

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