When should we fight for freedom? 

The fight to ensure liberty and equality for all men has been an ongoing battle in America since its creation. Part of the question in the fight for freedom is when we should take action to ensure a better future for the oppressed. Over the years, passionate philosophers, ex-slaves, poets, and novelists such as the brave faces shown below have contributed to our understanding of what freedom looks like. As part of the 2021 Teagle Seminar hosted by Dickinson College, I have created this website as a model for students to use throughout the duration of their course. It includes close reading reflections about excerpts from famous historical figures including Aristotle, John Locke, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Esther Popel, and Colson Whitehead. The close readings reflections aim to shed light on the writers’ intentions and rhetoric styles. The site also contains two blog posts about popular places on Dickinson College’s campus, which the students can use as a resource during their time on campus. The website is completed by the addition of a final essay, which explores when Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass fought for freedom, specifically focusing on the fugitive slave act. I hope this website provides helpful resources and new insights on slavery in America.