Google Maps

We have now custom-designed numerous Civil War era Google maps at the House Divided Project, covering everything from Frederick Douglass's life as a slave in Baltimore to Dickinson College's Class of 1860 to to JEB Stuart's ride during the Gettysburg Campaign to a "concise" map of the entire era --from 1787 to 1877.  Check them out at the links below.  Each of these maps typically includes a chronological timeline on the left side of the interface along with custom-made placemarks that include text and images, and sometimes embedded videos and hypertext links to additional primary sources.  Check out the links below to access our full alphabetical list of Google map resources: Concise Civil War Era, 1787-1877 Cumberland Valley Civil War Era Sites Dickinson College Class of 1858 Dickinson College Class of 1860 Frederick Douglass Walking Tour / Baltimore Hallowed Grounds / Black Soldier Cemeteries in PA JEB Stuart and Gettysburg Campaign Lincoln's Campaign for 1860 Nomination Lincoln's Writings Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery Shelling of Carlisle (1863) Summers with Lincoln Underground Railroad / South Central PA US Diplomatic History, 1776-2001  

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