Blog Posts

Due Thursday, July 15 and 22 only (posted by 11pm)

During the first two weeks of the July seminar, students will have a short blog post due on Thursday nights (July 15, July 22) posted at their personal websites by 11pm [NOTE: Updated]

These posts (about 200 words each or one page, single spaced) will describe participant reactions to one of our weekly field trips or afternoon engagement activities.

  • The best posts will not try to cover the entire experience, but rather will focus on a particular detail, such as an exhibit at the National Civil War Museum, or a comment made in the discussion at the Crossroad monument, and will use that small window to offer a thoughtful perspective on the larger experience.

The posts should include photographs taken by the student or some creative inspiration from the activities (such as drawings, music, etc.). These assignments will be graded on the basis of prose quality, creativity and analysis.

  • The best posts will establish a clear voice, one that is comfortable and casual, but still thoughtful.  
  • Creativity can take many forms, not only in composing a good photograph or some other artistic supplement, but also just in the approach to the topic, for example, by making creative connections to the course curriculum.
  • Good analysis does not require research, just thoughtful consideration of the issues raised by the subject of the blog post.  

Here are some models from the work of the undergraduate tutors.  They did not write about field trips, but rather described various favorite spots on campus:


Late blog posts will be penalized up to 5 points each day, but please communicate with Prof. Pinsker by email if you are anticipating being late.