Close Reading Reflections

Due Sunday July 17 and July 24 by 11pm

During the first two weeks of the July seminar, students will have two short close reading reflections due on Sunday night, July 17 and Sunday night, July 24, posted at their personal websites by 11pm. These two close reading reflections (about 500 words or 2-3 pages single spaced) will summarize and analyze one of the featured texts from that previous week’s daily reading schedule.

  • Students get to pick their subjects but they can feel free to consult with any staff for help in choosing.  It’s best to pick a single document even from days where there were multiple documents.

All reflections should be posted at the student’s personal WordPress site with a selection of 2-3 images (properly credited and captioned) and with one short, embedded video or audio file (podcast) that attempts to bring to life a short snippet (20 to 60 seconds) from the assigned text.

Model video:

These assignments will be graded on the basis of prose quality, analysis, and multi-media effort.

  • Try to remember a few best practices that we’ve discussed in class, such as relying on PAST TENSE to describe both the historical figures and the statements from the texts to help situate them in their context.  Also, remember not to turn these close reading reflections into mini-research papers, but rely instead on your own reasoning, connections to other texts from our curriculum,  and,  where relevant, some of the further reading material.  When you use other texts or further reading materials, make sure to link to them.  Also, somewhere up front, please make sure to link the main text under consideration.  You do not need footnotes for these close readings.

Models for these reflections will be available from the work of the undergraduate tutors.  Here are three good examples, one from each tutor, that just employ voice files or podcasts to supplement the text analysis:

Late reflections will be penalized up to 5 points each day.