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  • cannon

    Does House Divided have any sound effects available? (Updated)

    A key part of any documentary is the audio component. The following files are some of the sound effects from House Divided’s music library. This post provides an overview of other sites where you can download public domain music and sound effects. House Divided’s Music Library […]

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  • johnbrown song detail

    Where can I download music for Documentaries?

    While music is an important part to any documentary, it can be difficult to find free (and legal) music to download. Here are a few sites which have public domain music and sounds that you can download for free. Public Domain Music Musopen allows you to […]

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  • video

    Where can I upload a Video?

    Documentaries can be uploaded and shared from a number of different sites. While YouTube is the most popular, several other options are listed below. Uploading Video   TeacherTubeallows users to upload videos, documents, and photos for free. A FAQ is available here. Vimeo is a video […]

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  • audio

    How can I edit the audio for Documentaries?

    A key part of any documentary is the audio component. While there are lots of programs available , the House Divided project uses the two listed below. If you look for and download other free editing programs, be careful during the installation process to avoid adding any extra […]

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  • faq screenshot

    How can I create Documentaries?

    Documentaries can be a great multimedia project on a variety of subjects. There are a number of free programs available that make it relatively easy to put a video together, several of which are listed below. House Divided has created several documentaries that are online at […]

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