How can I create Documentaries?

Documentaries can be a great multimedia project on a variety of subjects. There are a number of free programs available that make it relatively easy to put a video together, several of which are listed below. House Divided has created several documentaries that are online at YouTube.

Programs for Creating Documentaries

is a free program from Microsoft.

“” provides an overview of all the basic features. is a free program from Microsoft that requires Windows Vista or Windows 7. Learn how to create videos and use all of the features with . The of this program includes several new features, including captions that are easier to add.Animoto is not a program that you download and install. After you upload content, youcan create videos online. While the basic version is free, a subscription is required to access all of the features. Teachers can avoid any fees by using Animoto for Education.iMovieis a video editing program from Apple. This program does not work on computers with Microsofts’ Windows installed.