Grand Review Event at Dickinson Library

On Sunday September 12, 2010 members of the White Carnation League met at Dickinson College’s Waidner-Spahr Library for an opportunity to conduct research and share information with the House Divided Project’s staff and student interns. This event was organized as part of the Pennsylvania Grand Review, which in early November 2010 commemorated Harrisburg’s decision in November 1865 to honor the African Americans who fought during the Civil War. While “the gathering was meant to educate attendees on how to research their ancestors,” Carlisle Sentinel reporter Greg Gross explains that it “also proved educational for”  Dickinson College students and staff. Descendants brought old photographs, documents,

and told interesting stories about the men who served in the United States Colored Troops. As House Divided co-director Professor Matthew Pinsker noted, “it was interesting seeing college students interact with descendants.” You can read the full article online or download a PDF version.


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