Classroom Sites

To help teachers use the abundant primary source materials available through House Divided, we have begun to create a series of special classroom sites. The Underground Railroad Digital Classroom, for example, offers hundreds of documents, images, and stories to help explain the importance of the antebellum effort to help runaway slaves. The classroom also includes dozens of lesson plans from master teachers located across the U.S., and features exciting new tools such as interactive runaway slave ads and virtual historic tours in Google Earth.

Emancipation Digital Classroom

The Emancipation Proclamation was just one milestone in a long and often complicated story about the destruction of slavery in the United States



Underground Railroad Digital Classroom

The Underground Railroad was a metaphor first used by antislavery advocates in the 1840s to describe the increasingly organized and aggressive efforts to help slaves escape from bondage. The fight over fugitive slaves then became one of the primary causes of the Civil War.

Lincoln-Douglas Debates Digital Classroom

Welcome to our Digital Classroom devoted to the subject of the famous Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858. This contest between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas broke many of the political precedents of the day and helped redefine the struggle over slavery and the nation’s future.