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From John Brown to Abraham Lincoln: Distilling a National Consciousness out of the Civil War

Professor Pinsker’s close reading of John Brown’s public statement at his trial for treason touched a nerve in me as I struggle to give a cogent narrative to this turning point in American history.  By showing the ideological DNA of

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Looking for Harriet

Ready for the adventure to begin! I typed “Harriet Robinson Scott” into the rectangle marked “search” and nothing. Really, it said “zero”. How could that be? I know she’s in the G L database somewhere. Hmm, well, let’s try “women black

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John Brown + F. Douglass

In today’s lecture, we learned that Brown met Douglass in Detroit after the successful Missouri excursion(freeing some 11 slaves into Canada) that was “without the snapping of a gun on either side”. Earlier in their careers, the men met in November of

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Blogging the Civil War Era

It is possible that no war in American history has been as well preserved in the words of its participants as the Civil War.  The soldiers and their families were products of a society where literacy was highly valued and

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