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“Local History as our Laboratory”

  The discussion in class were great and I really like that Dr. Pinsker Matt spent time in a conversation with us about the blog entries. BTW Matt, thank you for your explanation of immediate abolition, gradual abolition and political

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Vampire Hunters and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

As a culmination field trip to our year and a half study of American history through the lens of New York City history, we travel to various parts of the city to ascertain the legacy of that history.  One of

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Looking for Harriet

Ready for the adventure to begin! I typed “Harriet Robinson Scott” into the rectangle marked “search” and nothing. Really, it said “zero”. How could that be? I know she’s in the G L database somewhere. Hmm, well, let’s try “women black

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Why (More) Black People Should Study The Civil War

Growing up in Jamaica, I learned virtually nothing of American history as a student. In high school, my classmates and I were taught the history of the Caribbean within a British context. To say I was not interested in history

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The cabin floor

When Professor Pinsker (I mean Matt) spoke of how Abraham Lincoln used quotes from John Brown’s trial in his second inaugural address it sent shivers down my spine. The two of them were closer idyllically than either wanted to admit. It was

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What’s good for the goose …

The idea which I’ve been wrestling with today is state’s rights. Here’s how the state’s rights argument has played out for me in the past. The statement goes something like this. The Civil War wasn’t about slavery. No right thinking

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Civil War Journey

Reflecting is beneficial for me. It helps when uncovering layers of historical documentation. Except the amount of sources and resources in the Gilder Lehrman collection might set a record for weblinked interactive media! So, my blogging posts will be a Civil War journey of commenting on

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House Divided Project

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Matthew Pinsker:
Dickinson College
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Lance Warren:
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