Others Like Me…?

This course has been a wonderful experience in many ways.  At first I was unsure of how I could keep up with the gurus out there in online course world.  I still prefer the classroom setting with direct human interaction, but I feel much more empowered having taken this course and will very likely take another online course in the future.  The vast amount of information that has been given is at first glance overwhelming as I know many others have stated in other blogs.  In my notes I’ve tried to keep track of what will be useful in a 4th and 5th grade classroom.  As an elementary teacher, much of the information will not make it to students but expanded my knowledge of the civil war which helped build my background knowledge on the subject.  The variety of technology possibilities has really excited me.  I can’t wait to dive into each of these over the next coming weeks.  My school district has undergone a major curriculum change and my school has a new principal that also brings about changes.  Change is good.  So my goal for this year is to expand my use of technology with the changes.  I of course will take baby steps.  Watching Chris demonstrate the amazing things that can happen made my head swirl but I am not one to shy away from a challenge or anything new.  One of the best parts to this online community has helped me connect with others who are like minded.  I don’t know about the other participants but in my school I’m known as the resident history geek and most people just don’t understand what I find so fascinating about historical documents.  Having collaborated with others at Monticello while working on the Liberty Today project and now blogging with others about the Civil War confirmed my belief there really are others like me.  Those who have a love for history, a desire to dig deeper, and to find the true human stories behind all the dates and dead people.  So to that… I say, Thank You! for all of the great information, wonderful ideas, and I hope to continue this line of communication on teaching the Civil War.

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