Teacher’s Tour of Gettysburg

Take a teacher’s tour of Gettysburg as Matt guides you through the battle’s turning points, illustrating some of its most significant personalities and acts of heroism while sketching the bigger picture of the Gettysburg Campaign.

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3 comments on “Teacher’s Tour of Gettysburg
  1. Rebecca says:

    Great Video. I appreciate being able to feel as if I’m on a tour in PA. Very informative. Thanks!

  2. aforss says:

    Great tour–felt like I was in PA again! Will work this webex into my US History course. Think the students will enjoy it as much as I did today.

  3. janeapplebee says:

    I am amazed at the difference inserting photos and maps, and separating the tour into discrete segments made in this presentation. It is excellent. Thank you so much, Matt and Lance, for creating such an excellent and compelling series of stories. It connected me to Gettysburg in ways that are entirely new and it will certainly do the same for many of my students both directly and indirectly. (Still can’t hear the Wilkerson story without tears.)

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