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  • ugrr1

    Classroom Sites

    To help teachers use the abundant primary source materials available through House Divided, we have begun to create a series of special classroom sites. The Underground Railroad Digital Classroom, for example, offers hundreds of documents, images, and stories to help explain the importance of the antebellum […]

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  • hd_blog

    Production Sites

    The House Divided Project also currently features a blog, an online journal and a new atlas. The Blog Divided provides useful descriptions of the latest digital tools available across the web for the entire period, 1840 to 1880. The Journal Divided is a new site […]

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  • hd_digitallincoln2

    Special Exhibitions

    From its beginnings, the House Divided Project has sought out institutional partners to create a series of engaging special exhibitions on the Civil War era. Visit “Building the Digital Lincoln,” a joint effort with the Journal of American History to see some exciting new tools for […]

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  • facebook4

    Social Media

    The House Divided Project exists to share resources freely with all engaged teachers and students of any age and from any country. In that spirit, we are promoting our content in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We have posted word clouds […]

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  • hd4

    Teacher Workshop (Saturday, April 16)

    On Saturday morning, April 16, 2011,  Matthew Pinsker will lead a teacher workshop focused on introducing educators to a variety of the best online resources for the study of the Civil War including many of the new tools provided by the House Divided Project. America’s […]

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  • blight_home_poster

    David Blight Lecture (Saturday, April 16)

    Yale University historian David W. Blight will speak on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 7pm in the Anita Tuvin Schlector Auditorium (ATS) at Dickinson College, providing a keynote address for the opening of the Civil War 150th anniversary and the House Divided Project launch weekend. […]

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