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John Brown to Abraham Lincoln on Wordle, Take Two

Limiting each speech to 25 words, we get the following: John Brown’s Statement to the Court 1859Abraham Lincoln’s Cooper Union Speech 1860Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation 1863Abraham’s Second Inaugural Address 1865

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John Brown to Abraham Lincoln on

John Brown’s public statement 1859 Abraham Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address 1860 Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address 1865 Are we on the path to distilling the arc of national consciousness through these speeches as presented through the lens of  

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Vampire Hunters and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

As a culmination field trip to our year and a half study of American history through the lens of New York City history, we travel to various parts of the city to ascertain the legacy of that history.  One of

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From John Brown to Abraham Lincoln: Distilling a National Consciousness out of the Civil War

Professor Pinsker’s close reading of John Brown’s public statement at his trial for treason touched a nerve in me as I struggle to give a cogent narrative to this turning point in American history.  By showing the ideological DNA of

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House Divided Project

Course Professor
Matthew Pinsker:
Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA 17013

Course Producer
Lance Warren:
Gilder Lehrman Institute
New York, NY 10036