Huge Changes for my Classroom: Using Technology to Flip the Classroom

Huge Changes for my Classroom: Using Technology to Flip the Classroom

The idea of flipping the classroom is becoming more popular as teachers learn about the technique through conversation, web searches, conferences, and other sources.  Last year I embraced the technique and so far it appears to be a rewarding experience for myself and students.

Flipping the classroom is not as easy as some make it seem.  I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent in front of the computer working on this new approach.  It has been exhausting.

The first page I created using was an instant success.  I had no idea how much the kids liked using this approach until a student asked me if I’ve read the personal comments by the students which could be found at the bottom of the webpage. The following are just a few of the fifty-one comments I received during the first week of the site:

Thanks for setting up this blog Mrs. Abney.(: It is awesome!

 i agree this way we say what we feel and what we think should have happenedÐ

i agree as well its the best thing yet;)

yup, i like the vids cuz they educational and funny

This is a great idea and it is really helpful in many ways. I can also listen to music while I write comments (Music helps me concentrate). 🙂 Love the website.

Itz good cuz we can discuss wut was nd wut we think wut should nd shouln’t do , itz just plain fun 4 everyone.

Cool website Mrs.Abney!! When will you update again? Can’t wait!

I’m finally on this website and it is awesome thanks for setting it up

Below you will find a link to a “page” I’m working on for next year (it is under construction):

I use  I do pay for the site, but the principal of my school site has decided to pay for the website next year as he sees the value in the technology.  I actually had him enroll in the class as a parent and student.  He was impressed with the work the students produced, as well as the website.  Check it out…I’m definitely an advocate.

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5 comments on “Huge Changes for my Classroom: Using Technology to Flip the Classroom
  1. janeapplebee says:

    Nice and simple. It is a happy blending of a website with a class information system. I like it. It gave me a free account… wait a second? Does that mean I lack bells? Or whistles? We use Powerschool at school but I have all sorts of problems accessing it from home, always have. I think I will trial this with my Independent Study students this year. Thanks for posting it, Patricia.

  2. patriciaabney says:

    Last year I paid the $4.95 a month and was extremely happy with the 5GB of space. I have upgraded to the $8.95 monthly subscription for this year as I am creating more pages and need more space for multimedia. They offer 2GB free, which is a good start, but eventually you will probably need more space. There is also another free site called, but it has less to offer.

    • janeapplebee says:

      Ah! My one class trial will be a good place to start then. I have a site for my other classes but it is too clunky to use with the IS kids.

  3. davemcintire says:

    I have been playing with Weebly but just signed up for Haiku. Will play and see which one works best for me. You are right about flipping taking alot of work. I’ve decided to do it over a three year interval. I started with flipping my textbook. I’ll add lectures this year as I can add them. The last step is whatever we do in the classroom (projects, assessments, speeches/debates) outside of readings and discussions.
    I’m struggling with how to incorporate more digital historytelling as I continue the transition. I look forward to seeing how it goes for you too.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Thanks to all who posted on this! I’m piloting a flipped class in elementary and I was not sure which direction to start. I will check out each of those sites you all recommended. Thanks.

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