I found a mistake on House Divided. Who should I contact?

From June 2008 until April 2011, we plan to label our work for the House Divided website as a Draft Edition. This means that you should use with this site some caution and plenty of patience because what you see is a work in progress. There will be gaps and some mistakes and lots of changes as we prepare for an official launch on the eve of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in 2011. If you would like to see what we intend to do for every day of the period 1840 to 1880, go to March 17, 1860 as an example of our vision. You can also search out our best documented people by querying individuals in our Collections section whose Importance or Status equals Most Important or Very Important.

Always feel free to send comments or suggestions because everything that goes into this site is designed to make the period more accessible and engaging for users. Please send any feedback to hdivided@dickinson.edu.