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CCAll content –including audio, video and imagery– presented at the Lincoln’s Writings website is designed to be disseminated broadly and without cost for educational purposes and unless otherwise noted in particular cases is hereby distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

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Anyone using audio, video or image content from Lincoln’s Writings: The Multi-Media Edition should provide the following credit line:  Courtesy of the House Divided Project at Dickinson College

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Anyone citing text from Lincoln’s Writings: The Multi-Media Edition should consider the following template adapted from the Chicago Manual of Style for a footnote or endnote:

In a bibliography entry, that template would change slightly to:

But students should take note that we have also provided numerous excerpts from secondary sources and various links to primary sources and depending on the requirements of your course, it would usually be expected that you would identify the original source that you are quoting before explaining where you obtained it.  Under those conditions, your footnote (in Chicago-style) might look like this:

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We have provided numerous links to external sources.  They do constitute a kind of editorial endorsement.  We don’t agree with everything that we link to, but we do believe everything we link to is worth reading and thinking about, and discussing, especially in the classroom.


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