Contributing Editors

The following people have contributed a wide range of editorial content to the Lincoln’s Writings site.  You can view their particular contributions by clicking on their names below.  All of these editors were participants in either the Fall 2013 or Summer 2014, “Understanding Lincoln,” open online graduate course led by Prof. Matthew Pinsker and produced jointly by the House Divided Project at Dickinson College and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.


Janet Anders
Kelly Arickx
Michael Bagshaw
Jami Beck
Brendan Birth
Jane Black
Martha Bohnenberger
Ben Bolger
Martin Buchman
James Buck
Kaellagh Cassidy
Michael Clancy
Sara Combs
Jamie Creek
Patrick Culhane
Jessica Cunning
Mary Beth Donnelly
Beth Doughty
Simone Duven
Alexandra Economou
Hannah Edsall
Brian Elsner
Paul Frankmann
Bob Frey
Pete Gillen
Jeff Grabo
Jimmy Grant
Michelle Grasso
Annemarie Gray
Marsha Greco
Matt Heet
Stacy Hoeflich
Kirstyn Hoffman
Jin Hong
Christina Iannacone
Chris Jaax
Susan Johnson
Nicole Johnston
Jordan Kasler
Ana Kean
Patricia Keenan-Byrne
Brian Kellett
Adam Grant Kelley
Katie Kilker
Bob King
Brenda Klawonn
Nancy Knapp
Tamara Korth
Shanna Krueger
Matt Lopez
Allison Lorenz
Michael LoSasso
Kory Loyola
Lois Macmillan
Michael Mazzullo
Craig Merrill
Patricia Nelson
Sean New
Michael Normant
Evan Oftedal
Rob O’Keefe
Jesse O’Neill
Greg O’Reilly
Rose Paluch
Susan Williams Phelps
Viviane Puhalovic
Wind Ralston
Nathan Roe
Emily Schagrin
Susan Segal
Tammie Senders
Moyra Schauffler
Jamie Sharpe
John Sheridan
Jonas Sherr
Cynthia Smith
Canada Snyder
Arren Swift
Kayla Steele
Meg Thompson
Roxanne Thompson
Emily Trono
Sarah Turpin
Megan VanGorder
Michael Van Wambeke
Andrew Villwock
Thomas Warf
Christopher Watson
Rhonda Webb
Emily Weiss
Ben Widner
Woody Woodruff
John Paul Yun

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