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Between July and November 2013, nearly 750 participants joined the “Understanding Lincoln,” online graduate course jointly sponsored by the House Divided Project at Dickinson College and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.  Nearly one hundred of those participants were tuition-paying graduate students, mostly K-12 educators, who were tasked with completing a multi-media project that would help bring to life the study of Abraham Lincoln through his writings but by using multi-media tools.  Here are more than forty of those projects, organized by their respective multi-media platforms and free to use and share for anyone who is teaching or studying Lincoln.  All of the featured projects are impressive in different ways, but three of the participants had their projects selected for Livestream presentation on November 19, 2013, the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.  We also asked some of the course participants to share online versions of their final papers as part of a “Standards Roundtable” featured below.

Featured Projects

MacMillan, an educator from Grants Pass, Oregon created a website in WordPress that examined Lincoln’s “global” reach and included an engaging Prezi, related Google Map, a thoughtful documentary short film, and an inspired attempt at “re-mixing” Lincoln’s words using music.  LEVEL = High school

Van Wambeke, an educator from Fairfax, VA, used a website built in Wix to tackle the subject of Lincoln’s relationships with his leading generals.  The highlight of the site are  some well-produced and provocative videos that carefully guide students through an examination of primary sources.   Other multi-media tools include a useful Prezi, and various image and document galleries.  LEVEL = High school

Webb, an educator from Roswell, GA created a wide-ranging WordPress website that explores the impact of Sherman’s March in 1864 and 1865.  The site opens with some well-produced videos that explain the impact of Sherman’s Atlanta campaign on Lincoln’s reelection effort.   A Google Map helps detail Sherman’s March to the Sea, and a website provides numerous primary sources organized in exceptionally clear fashion.

Standards Roundtable

Mary Beth Donnelly, Humanizing Lincoln (On Virginia’s SOL)

Rhonda Webb, Sherman, Lincoln, Georgia (On Historical Thinking / DBQs)

Other Top-Rated Projects


–Rose Paluch:  Lincoln and Henry Clay


–Martha Bohnenberger: Abraham Lincoln and the Kansas-Nebraska Act

Google Maps

–Meg Thompson:  Lincoln and Elmer Ellsworth


–Meg Thompson:  Letter to Phoebe and Ephraim Ellsworth


–Janet Anders:  Lincoln: 1862

–Michael Bagshaw:  Path to Emancipation 

–Jami Beck: Understanding Lincoln and Women 

–Beth Doughty: Lincoln Lives James Madison’s Nightmare

–Bob Frey:  Abraham Lincoln:  Great Emancipator?

–Annemarie Gray:  Abraham Lincoln

–Marsha Greco:  Abraham Lincoln’s Religion

–Susan Johnson:  Lincoln’s Summer of 1864

–Tamara Korth:  Lincoln, Great Emancipator? 

–Shanna Krueger:  Lincoln and Nevada

–Allison Lorenz:  Was Lincoln a racist?

–Kory Loyola: Lincoln’s Return to Politics

–Patricia Nelson:  Lincoln and Sioux Uprising of 1862

–Michael Normant: Lincoln-Douglas Debates

–Viviane Puhalovic:  Lincoln and Border States

–Susan Williams Phelps: Stand Firm: The Tug Has To Come

–Susan Segal: Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief  

–Cynthia Smith: Dictator or Defender?   

–Meg Thompson:  Death of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth

–Emily Trono:  Lincoln, African Americans, Native Americans

–Andrew Villwock:  Lincoln’s Nationalism 

–Emily Weiss:  Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address


–Pete Gillen:  Abraham Lincoln: Hedgehog President  

–Jimmy Grant:  What Was Lincoln’s Greatest Attribute?  

–Ana Kean:  Abe Wears His Heart On His Sleeve

–Michael LoSasso:  Lincoln’s Leading Qualities

–Jonas Sherr: Lincoln and Jews 


–Ben Bolger:  Lincoln as Commander in Chief DBQ

–Jamie Creek: Ladies of Lincoln 

–Mary Beth Donnelly:  Lincoln: Philosopher in Chief 

–Simone Duven:  Lincoln: Creator of the Modern Presidency 

–Brian Elsner:  Lincoln and McClellan

–Nicole Johnston:  Election of 1860 

–Adam Kelley:  Lincoln’s Evolution on Race

–Brenda Klawonn:  Lincoln’s Road to the White House

–Canada Snyder: Lincoln as Great Communicator



–Martin Buchman:  Convention Night: 1860 “Broadcast”

–Michelle Grasso:  Lincoln, Ambassador to the Future

–Sarah Turpin:  First Graders Conduct Close Reading of Gettysburg Address


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