Lincoln’s Writings and the Common Core


The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been adopted by a vast majority of states for their K-12 public schools.  They are designed to promote higher standards in reading and math in order to help American students perform better on international assessments of learning and become more competitive in the global economy.  Common Core reading standards emphasize close readings of primary source texts, including non-fiction, in ways that might suggest greater opportunities to teach political writers such as Abraham Lincoln across the curriculum.  In particular, CCSS has offered specific literacy standards for History / Social Studies at three levels across grades 6-12 that would obviously benefit from close readings of Lincoln’s greatest speeches, letters, and documents.  Lincoln’s Writings: The Multi-Media Edition aims to support educators who are trying to implement these challenging new expectations.  On this page, we have provided a discussion forum featuring short personal narratives from various K-12 educators from across the country who have described their experiences (and challenges) using new technologies and the resources of Lincoln’s Writings to help meet Common Core objectives.  Below that forum, we have also featured direct links to the grade level standards, recommended documents sets from within this website, and model projects.

Discussion Forum

Jennifer Baniewicz, Technology in the Classroom: Lincoln Would ApproveStorify, August 2014

Alexandra Economou, Debunking the Lincoln MythStorify, August 2014

Jordan Kasler, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln & Engaging the Common Core at the Middle School LevelStorify, August 2014

Patricia Keenan-Byrne, Understanding Lincoln in My ClassroomStorify, August 2014

Brian Kellett, Learning About Lincoln Through DocumentsStorify, August 2014

Katie Kilker, Common Core and LincolnStorify, August 2014

Wind Ralston, Teaching Lincoln and the MediaStorify, August 2014

Tammie Senders, Lincoln and Civil Liberties, Storify, August 2014

Megan VanGorder, Annotate the World: Using “Genius” in the History ClassroomStorify, August 2014

Thomas Warf, Abraham Lincoln Comes AliveStorify, August 2014

Grades 6-8

See CCSS English Language Arts Standards / History & Social Studies, 6-8

Review our recommended grades 6-8 Lincoln documents

Grades 9-10

See CCSS English Language Arts Standards / History & Social Studies, 9-10

Review our recommended grades 9-10 Lincoln documents (see top 25)

Grades 11-12

See CCSS English Language Arts Standards / History & Social Studies, 11-12

Review our recommended grades 11-12 Lincoln documents (top 150)


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