The Advanced Placement courses sponsored by the College Board are famous for the rigor and their effectiveness in preparing high school students for college-level expectations, especially in subjects such as American History.  Thus, the redesign of the Advanced Placement US History (APUSH) course which goes into effect in Fall 2014, has created a host of new concerns for AP educators who are already under great pressure to help guide their students toward high-achieving test scores.  We hope to support those educators with resources and models at Lincoln’s Writings that can help better prepare APUSH students for Lincoln and Civil War-related short answer and document-based questions (DBQs).

Discussion Forum

Jessica Cunning, Assessing Lincoln Through Primary SourcesStorify, August 2014

Bob King, The Importance of Primary Documents in the Secondary ClassroomStorify, August 2014

Greg O’Reilly, Abraham Lincoln and the Equality of All Historical NarrativesStorify, August 2014

Roxanne Thompson, War and Politics: Lincoln, Virginia and the Election of 1864Storify, August 2014

Recommended DBQs

Ben Bolger, Lincoln as Commander in Chief DBQ, Fall 2013

Jessica Cunning, Abraham Lincoln DBQ, Summer 2014

Kirstyn Hoffman, Abraham Lincoln, African Americans and the Civil War, Summer 2014