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Boonville MO Boonville Weekly Observer, December 13, 1856

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  • “The free negroes at [Murfreesboro], Tenn, took a compulsory stampede from that place last week. Their depredations had become insufferable to the citizens, and their pernicious influence among the slave population made them a serious grievance. Self-preservation compelled the whites to stringent measures to get rid of them, and a general stampede ensued during last week.” (Boonville MO Boonville Weekly Observer, December 13, 1856)

General Notes

  • Boonville Weekly Observer was a newspaper run from 1854 to 1856 out of Booneville, MO in Cooper County, and is accessible online through the State Historical Society of Missouri’s digital newspapers collection
  • The December 1856 article on Murfreesboro, TN featured above was originally printed in the New York Herald, explained in this post.
  • An 1855 issue of this paper uses the word “stampede” to describe a forced migration of Kickapoo Native Americans (Boonville MO Boonville Weekly Observer, September 22, 1855)

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