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Letter to William Seward (April 1, 1861)

Contributing editors for this page include Moyra Schauffler Ranking #56 on the list of 150 Most Teachable Lincoln Documents Annotated Transcript “Since parting with you I have been considering your paper dated this day, and entitled ‘Some thoughts for the President’s consideration.’ The first proposition in it is, ‘1st. We are at the end of […]

Contributing Editors

The following people have contributed a wide range of editorial content to the Lincoln’s Writings site.  You can view their particular contributions by clicking on their names below.  All of these editors have been graduate student participants in Matthew Pinsker’s “Understanding Lincoln,” online course from the Gilder Lehrman Institute, or undergraduate students in Pinsker’s American history classes at Dickinson […]

What makes a good close reading?

By Matthew Pinsker We are looking for a few good close readings at the Lincoln’s Writings website and through the Understanding Lincoln online graduate course, but what makes for a successful close reading of a Lincoln document?  The term can mean different things in different disciplines. But for historians, there are typically three essential components for analyzing written primary […]

Lincoln Responds to Seward, April 1, 1861

By Moyra Schauffler No Secretary of State, or cabinet member, had ever or has ever submitted a document quite like William Henry Seward’s April Fool’s Day Memorandum entitled “Some thoughts for the President’s consideration”. [1]  The document was both critical and presumptuous with its assessment of Abraham Lincoln’s first month in office and its list of […]

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