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Understanding Lincoln –Project Gallery

Here are some of the very best projects submitted in recent years by participants who joined the “Understanding Lincoln,” online graduate course.  This course, organized around our site “Lincoln’s Writings,” is jointly sponsored by the House Divided Project at Dickinson College and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.  Please feel free to share these special multi-media […]

Alt Lincoln Documents

Choosing 150 “most teachable” Lincoln documents is necessarily subjective and involves tough trade-offs and plenty of second-guessing.  No single list can encompass everybody’s favorite Lincoln documents or take into account each different type of classroom.  So we asked participants in the Understanding Lincoln online course to suggest some alternative choices (or “Alt Lincoln Documents”) that editor […]

Contributing Editors

The following people have contributed a wide range of editorial content to the Lincoln’s Writings site.  You can view their particular contributions by clicking on their names below.  All of these editors have been graduate student participants in Matthew Pinsker’s “Understanding Lincoln,” online course from the Gilder Lehrman Institute, or undergraduate students in Pinsker’s American history classes at Dickinson […]

Syllabus for Understanding Lincoln Online Course

Below is a sample from the most recent syllabus our online graduate course, summarizing the course experience in 2016. HISTORY 579 (via Gilder Lehrman Institute) Understanding Lincoln // Summer 2016 Lead Scholar:  Matthew Pinsker (Dickinson College) Teaching Assistants:  Aaron Bell, Joseph Murphy and Todd Mealy   COURSE DESCRIPTION No one would have appreciated the power of […]

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