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Savior of the Union

Perhaps Lincoln’s most enduring legacy has been his reputation as “Savior of the Union.”  Most Americans venerate him as the essential president –the one who saved the nation at its moment of greatest peril.  But in the classroom, that marble image can take a significant beating as teachers and students find themselves arguing over Lincoln’s […]

Message to Congress (July 4, 1861)

Contributing Editors for this page include Susan Segal and Cynthia Smith Ranking #34 on the list of 150 Most Teachable Lincoln Documents Annotated Transcript “Having been convened on an extraordinary occasion, as authorized by the Constitution, your attention is not called to any ordinary subject of legislation.” Audio Version On This Date HD Daily Report, […]

Speech on War With Mexico (January 12, 1848)

Contributing Editors for this page include Bob Kelly and Cynthia Smith Ranking #55 on the list of 150 Most Teachable Lincoln Documents Annotated Transcript “When the war began, it way my opinion that all those who, because of knowing too little, or because of knowing too much, could not conscientiously approve the conduct of the President, in […]

Peoria Speech (October 16, 1854)

Contributing Editors for this page include Marsha Greco, Kory Loyola, Greg O’Reilly and Cynthia Smith Ranking #75 on the list of 150 Most Teachable Lincoln Documents Annotated Transcript “And, as this subject is no other, than part and parcel of the larger general question of domestic-slavery, I wish to MAKE and to KEEP the distinction […]

Was Lincoln self-made or self-invented?

At Quora, the social question & answer website, we have posted the following essential question to help teachers and students organize their thoughts on some of the documents within the Railsplitter theme: Was Abraham Lincoln self-made or self-invented, especially in the years before he became president? You can view (and vote) on all of the […]

Understanding Lincoln –Project Gallery

Here are some of the very best projects submitted in recent years by participants who joined the “Understanding Lincoln,” online graduate course.  This course, organized around our site “Lincoln’s Writings,” is jointly sponsored by the House Divided Project at Dickinson College and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.  Please feel free to share these special multi-media […]

Contributing Editors

The following people have contributed a wide range of editorial content to the Lincoln’s Writings site.  You can view their particular contributions by clicking on their names below.  All of these editors have been graduate student participants in Matthew Pinsker’s “Understanding Lincoln,” online course from the Gilder Lehrman Institute, or undergraduate students in Pinsker’s American history classes at Dickinson […]

Teacher Resources

Common Core Lincoln and War Powers from Spielberg’s Lincoln (Matthew Pinsker) Lincoln and the Suspension of Civil Liberties (Tammie Senders) AP US History Lincoln and Civil Liberties (Evan Oftedal) Dictator or Defender (Cynthia Smith) Change or Stay the Course (Michael VanWambeke)


Matthew Pinsker serves as the principal writer and curator for the “Lincoln and War Powers” online exhibition. His work on this project has been made possible by generous institutional support from the Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College, Dickinson College and the New America Foundation. This exhibition is part of Lincoln’s Writings: The Multi-Media Edition, a […]

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