Students participating in the 2023 Knowledge for Freedom seminar at Dickinson College (July 16-July 28) will post their initial close reading reflection essays and document videos here.  Those continuing for college credit after the campus experience ends will also post additional close reading reflections and final essays on Lincoln and (Frederick) Douglass here. This site also contains a daily 2023 seminar blog produced by staff and student participants. For instructions and models for how to proceed with the various assignments, see the resource links below:


2023 Students (listed by faculty section)

Johnson (with TA Wingert)

Candelaria, Arianna JP McCaskey HS
Carroll, Scarlette Cedar Cliff HS
Haines, Asher Lower Dauphin HS
Khuc, Anthony York Suburban HS
Orcutt, Ava Lake Ridge Academy
Peachey, Erik JP McCaskey HS
Renault, Atticus Carlisle HS
Yisrael, Safira St. Stephens / St. Agnes

Mealy (with TA Goodman)

Duvert, Laurent Ephrata HS
Echterling, Cassandra Cedar Cliff HS
Knavel, Madison Boiling Springs HS
Paz-Guerrero, Denise Dover Area HS
Rasmussen, Elena Carlisle HS
Snyder, Benjamin Boiling Springs HS
Squires, Anderson Horace Greeley HS
Sullivan, Finn York Suburban HS

Pinsker (with TA Bowman)

Castillo, Vincent Chambersburg HS
Cheema, Sadiyah Dover Area HS
Frederick, Ava Catholic HS
George, Joseph Boiling Springs HS
Grant, Vanessa JP McCaskey HS
Masshardt, Caleb Cedar Cliff HS
O’Gorman, Robert Township of Ocean Schools
Tiru, Maelin JP McCaskey HS