Letter to William Kellogg (December 11, 1860)


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“Douglas is sure to be again trying to bring in his ‘Pop. Sov.’ Have none of it. The tug has to come & better now than later.”

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HD Daily Report, December 11, 1860

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Private & confidential..
Springfield, Ills.
Dec. 11. 1860
Hon. William Kellogg
My dear Sir— 
Entertain no proposition for a compromise in regard to the extension of slavery. The instant you do, they have us under again; all our labor is lost, and sooner or later must be done over. Douglas is sure to be again trying to bring in his “Pop. Sov.” Have none of it. The tug has to come & better now than later.
You know I think the fugitive slave clause of the constitution ought to be enforced—to put it on the mildest form, ought not to be resisted. In haste
Yours as ever
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