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Main Authors
Matthew Pinsker (Project Director)
Jeff Mummert (Web Designer)

Principal Consultants
Raphael Alvarado
James Gerencser
Brenda Landis
Elaine Mellen
John Osborne

With much-needed additional help from:
Scott Ackerman
Meghen Allen
Sayo Ayodele
Michael Blake
Chris Bombaro
James Chapnick
Blake Dickinson
Matthew Dudek
Meghan Fralinger
Michael Geduldig
Michael Gogoj
Ben Harney
Cara Holtry
Wes McCoy
Todd Mealy
Jim Percoco
Meghan Rafferty
Zak Rosenberg
Don Sailer
Pat Sheahan
Leah Suhrstedt
Tracey Weis
Joanna Williams

And generous financial support from:

Dickinson College The Pohanka Family
In Memory of Brian Pohanka, Class of '77
National Endowment
for the Humanities






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