Dickinson College (Civil War campus)

On the eve of the Civil War, the Dickinson College campus consisted of just three buildings – East College, South College, and West College (or “Old West”). East College, which¬†opened in 1836, had recitation rooms and student dormitories. College Presidents and their families (Herman Merrills Johnson in 1860) also lived in the eastern part of the building until 1890. While the first South College opened in January 1835, it burned down on December 23, 1836. Two years later a new South College, which housed a dormitory and classrooms, opened on the same site. In 1927 that building was torn down to make room for the Alumni Gymnasium. West College, which was designed by Benjamin Latrobe, opened in 1805 and was finally completed in 1821. The building was used for classrooms and student dormitories. This student essay provides additional information on the building known today as Old West.

For a virtual map showing details about the classes of 1858 and 1860, see these custom Google Maps — Class of 1858 // Class of 1860

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