Army Barracks

The US Army first used the Carlisle Barracks during the Revolutionary War. In May 1838 Captain Edwin Sumner officially opened a cavalry training center at Carlisle Barracks.  Many calvary officers who later fought in the Mexican-American War and Civil War were trained at the post. Lt. Thomas Sweeny was one of many army officers went through Carlisle Barracks during this period – you can read the letters he wrote to his wife about his experiences at Carlisle in this essay. The Carlisle Barracks was an important depot for the US Army during the Civil War. However Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry burned down the barracks during the Gettysburg campaign in early July 1863. While the barracks was rebuilt, the War Department closed the cavalry training center at the barracks in December 1870. The Indian School opened in 1879 and closed in 1918. Today the Carlisle Barracks is home to the US Army War College.

You can read this essay to learn more about the Historic Carlisle Barracks. Check their website for important information if you plan on visiting. The U.S Army Heritage and Education Center and the Cumberland County Historical Society are located nearby.

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