Black Minqua The Life and Times of Henry Green

Black Minqua The Life and Times of Henry Green

Black Minqua The Life and Times of Henry Green

Black Minqua is a chronicle of Negro/Indian Settlers in the Welsh Mountain Region of Southeastern Pennsylvania. They moved along the Great Minqua Path from Delaware into the Interior of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. The Green family owned property in Chester County from the late 1600’s onward, and after generations their land was lost and transferred to White Settlers. Henry Green, a descendant of the Green men, distinguished himself by his participation in The Christiana Resistance and in the Civil War. This book is Anita Wills third and is available through

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  1. cliffordlmartinjr says:

    Dear cousin Anita,
    I was just in the Welsh Mountains with cousin Green a few hours ago.A couple months ago my girlfriend and i were riding through the mountain after eating at ShadyMaple and i began to tell her stories of the things i was told when i was little back in the sixties in Coatesville.A couple years ago i understand that we had a big family reunion at a park in Gap PA, I was unable to attend but my x wife and my youngest daugther Michelle was their. I really want to meet you at your August book signing this year. Their is so much more to learn and this has been something thats been very important to me since ive been a small child. I will be looking foward to seeing you soon.Love cousin Cliff.

  2. willsa says:

    I am so pleased to hear from you! I do not check my messages on this site often enough. I have been asking cousin Gloria about you and how you were doing. I really want a male Martin to have a DNA test taken so that we can see what heritage the Martins were. We have very few males who are direct descendants of the Martins. Grand pop only had three sons and Uncle Clifford had one son, while Uncle Chuck had one, and Uncle Sam had two. It has been harder to find the Male Martin’s then the females. We held a gathering last year but only about 50 people showed up. So we are going to plan a reunion of family in the area this year. If you have any locations in mind let me know. I met some of the other Green descendants and were are working on a gathering possibly in July. If you are interested in the DNA test let me know. You can take one through Family Tree DNA or My email address is Hope to hear from you soon!

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