We are looking for 100 young African American men ages 18-30!

We are looking for 100 young African American men ages 18-30!


  • Twenty from the five counties of Philadelphia and the countryside
  • Twenty from the eight counties of Dutch Country Roads (Central Pa.)
  • Twenty from the counties of the Susquehanna Valley and Alleghenies and Her Valleys
  • Twenty from the Western Pennsylvania counties of Pittsburgh and its countryside
  • Twenty from the Appalachian Region counties of Pa Wilds, Up State Pa and Great Lakes Region
  • Training and certification, continuing education credits, stipends, and placement will be provided to all participants.


  • This project is primarily designed for current students with well disciplined learning skills and self management techniques. In addition, reading, writing, speaking, time management, and research skills are paramount to the success of the program. Travel is required.
  • This project is supported in part by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. First priority will be given to young African American men enrolled in one of the following institutions:
    • Bloomsburg, California, Cheney, Clarion, East Stroudsburg, Edinboro, Indiana, Kutztown, Lock Haven, Mansfield, Millersville, Shippensburg, Slippery Rock, West Chester.
  • Consult your Provost office for more information.
  • Students enrolled in full time, part time, or continuing education projects at other academic institutions are also invited to apply.
  • Candidates should be currently enrolled in some academic program that demonstrates their ability for research, project management, demonstration of capacity via grade point average, projects and classroom products etc. Specifically, students will need to get a recommendation from a professor or instructor nominating them and assuring their self discipline and ability in self guided research.
  • Journalism, communications, history, political science, ROTC, sociology, education, theater, museum studies, tourism and hospitality students are all encouraged to apply.
  • Interested students need to submit the letter of endorsement, an application including name, address, university, phone, cell, face book address, and email address, photo and one paragraph bio. The bio should include job skills, academic and practical achievement, skills, hobbies, clubs, community service and other achievements, award.
  • The application should also include a 300-500 word essay on one of the following themes:
    • Liberty
    • Equality
    • Community
    • Fraternity
  • The entire application package needs to be mailed no later than May 21st. to:

Lenwood Sloan
Director of Cultural and Heritage Tourism Program
Department of Community & Economic Development
Commonwealth Keystone Building
400 North Street, 4th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225

  • If you have additional questions, please email Mr. Sloan at lsloan@state.pa.us
  • Due to the volume of inquires; all questions will be answered by e-mail. Generally no phone inquiries will receive reply!
  • NO ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED! Incomplete applications are not likely to be considered
  • A special orientation event will be held May 20th in Harrisburg at Midtown Cinema and Midtown bookstore. Visit the events page on housedivided.dickinson.edu/grandreview for more information about these orientations and interviews.
  • Mr. Sloan will email candidates selected for interviews no later than May 26th.
  • A project team will visit select institutions in the state universities system to meet candidates between June 1st and June 15th so that everyone selected for interviews has been given both one on one and small group interviews and exchanges. State University sites include: Cheney, Millersville, Kutztown, Shippensburg, California University, Bloomsburg, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock.

During this on-campus visit—selected students should plan to spend the afternoon (noon-4pm) with the team:

  • Students should:
    • Prepare to attend the 90 min group workshop ( period movement for actors) followed by project orientation;
    • Present a 1-3 minute speech based on their submitted essay;


  • In addition, Selected Students will be required to
    • (a) Attend the Penn State university retreat – June 26-27
    • (b) Attend the men’s soldiers’ camp Aug. 28-29
    • (c) Participate in your team’s conservation weekend activities
    • (d) Attend the area project based learning events at designated school
    • (e) Attend the Grand Review activities Nov 5-6
    • (f) Participate in your team’s Nov 14 commemoration events
    • (g) Participate in Gettysburg commemoration Nov 19th
  • Students will be provided a stipend of $100.00, a travel stipend of $50.00 and meals and lodging plus learning materials for each of the seven (7) engagements above.
  • If you are not currently enrolled in a continuing education or academic program you must seek an additional letter of recommendation confirming you ability to achieve self managed.


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