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Here is where teachers can find links to our best ideas for lesson plans, teaching strategies and curriculum objectives related to the topic of emancipation.  We also have posted here materials related to the 2011 & 2012 Gilder Lehrman Institute summer seminar for teachers on “Lincoln & Emancipation” headed by James Oakes and Matthew Pinsker.

***NEW*** The Unofficial Guide to Spielberg’s “Lincoln”  ***NEW***

Check out our featured lesson plan, an Emancipation DBQ prepared by GLI 2011 participant Dan McNamara of New Rochelle High School

Gilder Lehrman Institute (GLI) Summer Seminar, “Lincoln & Emancipation”

Online syllabus 2012 (with handouts)      //        Printable 2012 syllabus

Map for 2012 GLI seminar participants

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Handouts from the 2011 “Lincoln and Emancipation” GLI summer seminar

Bibliography for DC Emancipation