US Colored Troops Buried in former Lincoln Cemetery

The following USCT veterans were buried at Memorial Park / Lincoln Cemetery in Carlisle:

Alexander, James — Company I, 127th USCT
Bailey, L. James — Company G, 32nd USCT
Barton, John H. — Company H, 7th USCT
Berry (Gerry), J. D. — Company G, 5th Mass Cavalry (Sergeant)
Bolden, Alfred — Company C, 43rd USCT
Bush, Dennie — Company D, 32nd USCT
Cephas, William — Company D, 55th USCT
Cunningham, H. N. — Company D, 8th USCT
Cunningham, John — Company D, 22nd USCT
Fisher, Daniel — Company H, 32nd USCT
Fisher, George — Company E, 54th Mass
Howard, Charles J. — Company I, 54th USCT (Corporal)
Howard, R. B. — Company H, 54th Mass.
Ines, James — Company E, 8th USCT (Corporal)
Jackson, David — Company I, 43rd USCT
Jackson, Edward — Company A, 39th USCT
Jackson, George W. — Company A, 32nd USCT
Johnson, William N. — Company B, 127th USCT
Kelley, Samuel
Mason, William — “1st Enlistment Period”
McFarland, David — Company A, 22nd USCT (Corporal)
McFarland, John — Company B, 22nd USCT (Corporal)
Parker, Abram — Company C, 25th USCT
Parker, Robert Alfred — Company B, 24th USCT (Sergeant)
Peck, John G. — Company I, 25th USCT
Robinson, John — Company A, 32nd USCT (Corporal)
Smith, Harrison — Company B, 31st USCT
Spradley, Henry W. — Company G, 24th USCT
Strange, William — Company C, 24th USCT
Stubbs, Nathaniel — Rev. in USCT
Talton, Jesse — Company F, 31st USCT
Taylor, Bryon L. — Battery E, 31st Field Artillery
Washington, Alexander — Company B, 127th USCT
Washington, George — Company E, 5th Mass Cavalry
Welcome, James — Company E, 8th USCT
Williams, James O. — Company I, 5th USCT

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