Kate Larson: Harriet Tubman was an enslaved woman who took her own liberty and through her own determination rescued many members of her family and friends. Freedom and equality were the focus of her life and they were shaped by her incredible and profound love for her family and her community. And she was protected by and sheltered by and soothed by her profound faith as well. She really was [a] remarkable woman and I don’t think there’s a way to really quantify that other than by her deeds and actions throughout her life because we cannot know her but I think that there are people in our communities today that are like Tubman and who are remarkable human beings, ordinary human beings who do extraordinary things depending upon the circumstances that they’re living in; and this was Harriet Tubman. She lived in extraordinary times and she was the most ordinary or ordinary people but she did extraordinary things and that’s what makes her a remarkable American historical figure.