Levi Coffin to William Still, May 11, 1851

Levi Coffin

Original Citation
Levi Coffin to William Still, May 11, 1851, reprinted in William Still, The Underground Railroad (Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1872), 33-34.

Levi Coffin was a leading Underground Railroad organizer in Ohio who wrote William Still, his counterpart in Philadelphia, in 1851 to report on his fears about the fate of Seth Concklin, an agent was killed while trying to aid in the escape of Still’s sister-in-law. Still and his brother Peter (an escaped slave) had just recently been reunited and the attempt by Concklin to lead Vina Still and her children out of slavery became a national sensation.


CINCINNATI, 5TH MO., 11TH, 1851.

WM. STILL-Dear Friend-Thy letter of 1st inst., came duly to hand, but not being able to give any further information concerning our friend, Concklin, I thought best to wait a little before I wrote, still hoping to learn something more definite … Read the rest