Lincoln, vampires and too much freetime on my hands

Ok, this is just silly … but I had a moment and wanted to play with the Google Ngram viewer. Is it a coincidence that we are seeing both an uptick in Lincoln books at the same time books about vampires gain in popularity? … maybe Seth Grahame-Smith is onto something

Lincoln and vampires

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2 comments on “Lincoln, vampires and too much freetime on my hands
  1. janeapplebee says:

    Seth Grahame-Smith? Okay Dave, thanks for catching me up to what is going on the world. I LOVED the last three sentences of this review. (And then the comments, Har!) Thanks for the laughs.

    On the other hand, here is comes… there is a really good slavery/vampire book that I really enjoyed; Octavia Butler’s *Wild Seed*. And her book that is set alternatively in 1960 and 1850-ish? *Kindred*, is awesome.

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