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1860 (Arguing for Justice) Hutchinson Family Singers

Hutchinson Family Singers, 1845 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Important primary sources include the collection at the Wadleigh Memorial Public Library in Milford, New Hampshire and Dale Cockrell’s  Excelsior: Journals of the Hutchinson Family Singers, 1842-1846 (1989). In addition, Joshua Hutchinson published A Brief Narrative of the Hutchinson Family in 1874 and John Hutchinson recalled his experiences in The Story of the Hutchinsons in 1896  (Vol. 1 ; Vol. 2). While Joshua’s work offers “intimate vignettes” of the singers, historian Scott E. Gac cautions that John Hutchinson’s “memoir… is a less accurate but entertaining reconstruction of the group.” In addition, a collection at the Wadleigh Memorial Public Library in Milford, New Hampshire has sheet music and newspaper clippings about the Hutchinsons. Important … Read the rest

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1938- Video from Gettysburg 75th Anniversary

Check out some archival footage on YouTube from the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Credit US Army… Read the rest

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